Tathastu Pyramid

Tathastu Pyramid

75 Grams
Nt.Wt / Cont.
75 Grams / Piece
Brandtathastu pyramid size5.5*5.5 inches

*The exterior design of tathastu pyramid consists of 45 pyramids (11 pyramids on each side)

*This pyramid works on the Principle of vertical, horizontal & circular integration of energy.

*The base plate of pyramid has concentric design with central copper plate which enhances the working of this pyramid.

*The Golden color Of the pyramids aids in more absorption of cosmic energy .

*An ultimate Boon for vastu corrections.

*Applications: Activation of any property (Comercial , Land & Building,Plots,residential ,Industrial,

property ).

*Pre-Program the Pyramid and place it in the brahmasthan of any premises that needs to be activated

*Energizes 10,000 SQ.FT.

*Equivalent To 45 market Pyramids,